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Types of Start-up Ideas: My perspectives

We all know about the one guy who has an idea. We always seek advice and we expect surprising suggestions to work out any problem from that person. Sometimes people who want to start a business seek suggestions for business ideas. Companies around the globe use various methods to identify new ideas. I have talked about a few of the techniques in my previous posts.

Not every idea is workable but, ideas are very important. Ideas give shape to our thoughts and whenever we sit with others and discuss, ideas flow. In such discussion, we see the varied types of ideas and all those ideas cannot be great but only those ideas will be implemented which have enough feasibility, marketability, and possibility of success.

The same mantra goes with start-ups and start-up ideation. Any person who is planning to start his own business might start early and think about what he can start. I have heard hundreds of people asking “can you suggest to me an idea of what to do in this particular situation”. Discussion is a global practice and discussions help in bringing the best ideas out.

In this Sunday morning post, I will discuss some types of ideas which people come up with when asked for the same. I don’t think anybody has written about this topic yet but, I found these differences based on my classroom activity, and interaction with students. Based on that I was able to create this difference.

The names below are not suggestive, this is what I came up with and I hope the description will help you understand the names behind them. After reading/listening to this blog or article, you will be able to identify which type of ideator you are or your student is.

Two-minute noodle-type idea: These ideas emerge in classrooms and some other uninteresting places. While holding brainstorming sessions with kids and university students such ideas emerge very fast and make us laugh sometimes. Good ideas can also emerge but, they look very raw due to the least time spent on making them better.

I call it two-minute noodle type because you do not need much hard work, you just grab your finger put it under your teeth, start murmuring and speak something out and finalise that two-minute noodle type idea. Most of these ideas are raw in shape, and most of these ideas are already working or profitable businesses in existence. Most of these ideas are either existing, not workable or very difficult to plan.

All these look simple but they all need your time and dedication

Great ideas: It is true that with great minds, great ideas emerge. Great ideas can never be the result of two-minute thinking. These ideas are flawless and people of that category are serious types. When Elon musk thought of sending people to mars and creating a private rocket company or creating a satellite network for everyone. People were not able to understand any of this. But it is the great minds who work out these ideas. Such type of ideas emerges out of great hard work, time and human strength.

Alien-type ideas: These ideas emerge in different situations and from those who are either not serious or not interested in a problem. They may also emerge as an inspiration from a movie or drama or some emotion. They are also part of mental strength and imaginativeness. Sometimes people take their imagination to such a height that it becomes difficult to take it seriously.

Take my idea as an example, My imagination says to me I can create a ladder to the skies to look at the earth and clouds from there. This is a raw idea and nobody will approve of such thinking. Instead, we can have options such as looking from an aeroplane window, going up on a windmill turbine, or a high mountain and many other.

Such ideas are very raw and mostly without further details. Such ideas are also creative. Such things may be possible but the majority of the time they are part of one’s imagination. For example, when students claim of creating a new crypto coin without knowledge of cryptocurrency.

Relatable ideas: These ideas are relatable to situations and people come up with new such ideas. For example, waste management is a problem and many people, as well as agencies, are working on it. But individually many people are doing great work as well.

For example, recently many people claim they cleared a beach and spread awareness about the plastic problem. People also claim they created a free ambulance service in distant rural areas. I believe many social enterprises are the result of this relatable idea.

Focussed: I don’t know how to explain, but this is related to immediate issues and most of these ideas are very focused. These ideas are from real entrepreneurs who have committed themselves and their time to start-ups or their businesses. Focussed ideas are based on the commitments that people make to complete.

Most of the focused ideas are created by entrepreneurs who are confident in their success. Fear of failure is not part of this. Doing experiments can be a part of this focused strategy. Focussed ideas are claims for a given possibility of success for any idea.

General type ideas: These are normal ideas but I am sure, one cannot make a business out of them. These are general discussion ideas which emerge in any situation. These are like suggestions or options which we seek and give to people. I mean not all ideas are meant to be start-up ideas.

SO here I conclude and I hope you got the major points and you are now able to make a difference among these idea types. Not all ideas are start-up ideas but with great effort, any can idea can turn into a start-up. IF you like this content subscribe to my email list, podcast, like and share to spread the true knowledge and experience.

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